PB APPRO DIFFUSION is a service company established for more than 20 years in the heart of Burgundy viticole, first in Nuits-Saint-Georges and now in Beaune.

Its dynamism is due in part to its flagship products such as EUROPACKWINE, whose use greatly facilitates the shipment by the secure shipment of bottles through France, Europe and the World. The company is constantly conquering new markets, thanks to its desire to maintain a commercial and human tradition, focused on the customer while multiplying the media to offer a complete service to its customers.

Constantly evolving

The creation of this unique product responds to the requirements inherent in the transport of wines and spirits. Sealing, protection, quick assembly, this product is designed to meet the primary needs of our customers.

To evolve our packaging, improve its mechanical characteristics, search for new products while developing multiple recycling applications: here are the next challenges for the years to come.


Working with our wine partners, we quickly realized that ensuring the proper transport of bottles is essential. Fragile, heavy and demanding a constant temperature, we thought of a material to meet these expectations.

Polystyrene has been able to combine all its qualities with its lightness, its temperature conservation and its protection against breakage once the packaging has been placed in our cartons.

Our boxes

The combination of our polystyrene packaging and our cartons guarantee the perfect safety of your products.

Indeed, our cartons are designed to fit perfectly with our packaging allowing a good maintenance of the product.


Concerned about the environment and preserving the future, our company has made every effort to create an ecological packaging.

Our packaging complies with the recyclable standard because it is 100% polystyrene and 100% cardboard.

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